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The one thing about learning we often forget is that it's easier done when having fun.

A busy board allows your child to:

  1. Develop and enhance fine motor skills, which allows for better handling and improved control over small tasks such as writing, buttoning and feeding themself.

  2. Improve logical thinking skills through an interactive set of everyday objects.

  3. Have fun learning and growing!

More than Just Toys

Our busy boards are the brainchild of Grandpa Arthur, who noticed his grandson's fascination with keys and switches. To keep his little hands busy, he crafted the first of many busy boards with the inspiration to entertain children like his grandson and keep them busy and learning for hours.

No two busy boards are the same. 

Suited to girls and boys, we also make boards on request and can customise them for children with different hobbies and interests, as well as levels in child growth and development.

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